• Books About Islamic History

    Noble Dynasties - The History of Nur Ad-Din and Saladin
    Imam Abu Shamah Abd Ar-Rahman Al-Maqdisi
    1st Edition 2005
    Number of Pages 412
    Salah Ad-Din Al-Ayyubi
    Abdullah Nasih Ulwan
    2nd Edition 2004
    Number of Pages 212

    The Ka'bah from the prophet Ibrahim till now
    Fathi Fawazi Abd al-Mu'ti
    1st Edition 2003
    Number of Pages 158
    The Rightly Guided Caliphs
    Dr. Ahmad Zidan
    1st Edition 1998
    Number of Pages 282
    History of Palestine
    Dr. Mohsen Mohammed Saleh
    1st Edition 2005
    Number of Pages 402
    The Islamic Openings
    Abdul-Aziz Al-Shinnawy
    1st Edition 2002
    Number of Pages 376

    The Termination of the Afflictions and Fierce Battles
    Ibn Kathi'r
    1st Edition 2005
    Number of Pages 668
    Biographics of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs
    Ibn Kathi'r
    1st Edition 2001
    Number of Pages 416
    Ramadan Diary
    Dr. Ahmad Bahjat
    1st Edition 1988
    Number of Pages 102
    The FATIMID Architecture in Cairo
    Dr. Adbullah Kamel Mousa Abdoh
    1st Edition 1995
    Number of Pages 152

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