• Islam 6.90 Software - Holy Quran Viewer With 36 Translations

    Islam 6.90 Software - Holy Quran Viewer With 36 Translations | Size: 17 MB

    Islam 6.90 software - Holy Qur'an viewer with more than 28 Languages: Albanian - Arabic - Azerbaijani - Bosnian - Brazilian - Chinese - Dutch - Finish - French - German - Indonesian - Italian - Japanese - Korean - Latin - Malay - Mexican - Persian - Polish - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish - Swahili - Tamil - Thai - Turkish. Plus six other English Translations.


    *Islam software is available on 12+more Holy Qur'an translations, with the search engine, printing options, praying times and animation.
    Program can load, search and display 1-4 Holy Qur'an translations at ones including original Arabic. "English - YusufAli" translation and "Arabic" as original text of the Holy Qur'an was included in the software.

    *When you were downloaded Holy Qur'an translation/s run the Islam software, click on the menu item "File / Option", then in the opened dialog box click on the "Install new translation" button and select downloaded Holy Qur'an translation *.tx_ file.

    Download Link:

    Password: peaceNfun.com

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